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What's a Warmline?
A warmline is a peer-run listening line staffed by people in mental health recovery themselves.

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Warmlines in the Media

Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community (MBRLC) recent Peer Warmline feature in the SAMHSA Recovery to Practice weekly newsletter 11/12/10.

Warm line featured in the Boston Globe on February 5, 2009! (Article written before our collaboration with NERLC and the expansion from three to six days a week.)

Article about the Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community warmline by Carey Goldberg

As calls to crisis hotlines spike amid the coronavirus, those who respond feel the strain (features Ron Honberg)

The lifesaving lesson suicidal people can teach a world in a pandemic

It's not a hotline, it's a 'warmline':It gives mental health help before a crisis heats up.

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Warmlines Research

Dalgin, R.S., Dalgin, M.H. & Metzger, S.J. (2018). A Longitudinal Analysis of the Influence of a Peer Run Warm Line Phone Service on Psychiatric Recovery. *Community Mental Health Journal* 54, 376=E2=80=93382 (2018). https://doi-org.ezp.scranton.edu/10.1007/s10597-017-0161-4

Dalgin, R.S., Maline, S., & Driscoll, P. (2011). Sustaining recovery through the night: Impact of a peer-run warm line. *Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal *35(1), 65-68. https://doi-org.ezp.scranton.edu/10.2975/35.1.2011.65.68

Pudlinski, C. (2004). The pros and cons of different warm line settings. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 28(1), 72=E2=80=9374. doi:10.2975/28.20=04.72.74

Pudlinski, C. (2001). Contrary themes on three peer-run warm lines. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 24(4), 397=E2=80=93400. doi:10.1037/ h0=095065.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

Issue: Volume 35, Number 1 / Summer 2011

Pages: 65 - 68

URL: Linking Options

DOI: 10.2975/35.1.2011.65.68

Sustaining Recovery through the Night:
Impact of a Peer-Run Warm Line

Rebecca Spirito Dalgin A1, Simonne Maline A2, Peter Driscoll A3

A1 University of Scranton
A2 Sweetser, Brunswick, ME
A3 Amistad Peer Support and Recovery Center, Portland, ME


Objective: This exploratory study describes the impact of a peer-run warm line on the lives of individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Methods: Phone surveys were completed with 480 warm line callers over four years. Results: Warm line callers reported a reduction in the use of crisis services and a reduction of feelings of isolation. Conclusions and Implications for Practice: The results indicate that peer-run warm lines can fill an important void in the lives of individuals living with mental illnesses. Although warm lines at any time of day are helpful, keeping warm lines running after 5pm and throughout the night provides support services not typically available after office hours and can assist with loneliness, symptom management, and the process of recovery. Warm lines staffed with appropriately trained, clinically supervised, compensated peer specialists can help round out mental health services in rural and urban communities. Future research should focus on the various implementation and funding options of this unique peer support service.

Warmline research now in progress

Upcoming Warmline Research Study: A national survey of warmlines across the country is being designed for Fall 2020 to better understand the service itself (including access, design, peer listener training, etc.), the impact on callers and peer listeners, as well as the impact on other community mental health services. For more information contact Dr. Rebecca Dalgin at rebecca.dalgin@scranton.edu

2021 National Warmline Survey Results

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